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Michigan SFI Program Highlights

  • Program participants manage over five million acres in Michigan, according to the SFI Forest Management Standards.  A large portion of Michigan mill fiber also comes from harvests conducted by SFI trained Qualified Logging Professionals (QLP) which are conducted according to the SFI Fiber Sourcing Standards.

  • The MI State Implementation Committee (SIC) includes representation from forest products industry, both industrial and non-industrial private landowners in Michigan, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, and academia.

  • Inconsistent Practices

  • A "inconsistent practices hotline" was initiated as part of the inconsistent practice reporting process. You may email the SFI "Inconsistent Practices Hotline" at to report practices appearing inconsistent with either the Forest Management or Fiber Sourcing Standards.

  • BMP Audits

  • In 2015 and 2016 various participants completed a comprehensive statewide BMP audit.  

Logger + Trainee Database

The SFI training program was developed to satisfy the wood-procurement and harvesting requirements of the many SFI-certified wood purchasing companies in Michigan. SFE training consists of two components core training (CT) and continuing education training (CE). This database can be checked by foresters and procurement staff who work for SFI-certified companies.

Find Qualified Loggers
Facts About Forestry
How much economic activity do forest products produce?

Each year, the Michigan forest products industry harvests avout 12 million tons of wood. Each ton of wood generates about $100 worth of economic activity. That's a grand total of $1.2 billion worth of economic activity!