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What can I do if I witness harvesting that does not appear to be consistent with SFI standards?

You can email the SFI "Inconsistent Practices Hotline" at to report harvest practices that are inconsistent with SFI program standards. In your email, we ask that you submit some basic information about the harvest taking place.  SFI program staff will determine if the harvest is being conducted by an SFI-trained Qualified Logging Professional (QLP), and if so the complaint will be investigated by one of our district representatives until a resolution has been reached.

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The SFI training program was developed to satisfy the wood-procurement and harvesting requirements of the many SFI-certified wood purchasing companies in Michigan. SFE training consists of two components core training (CT) and continuing education training (CE). This database can be checked by foresters and procurement staff who work for SFI-certified companies.

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How many species of wildlife live in Michigan?

The answer depends upon a lot of things, such as what you consider as wildlife and how you define "live". However, there are about 575 species of vertebrates that have been recorded in Michigan (many are migrants). Nobody knows how many species of animals there are if you count all the other forms of wildlife.