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The SFE training program was developed to satisfy the wood-procurement and harvesting requirements of the many SFI-certified wood purchasing companies in Michigan. SFE training consists of core (CT) and continuing education (CE) training.

The core consists of three days of training covering forest ecology, BMPs, MIOSHA awareness, silviculture, and a field day where many of the classroom subjects will be witnessed firsthand. An individual must complete all three days of training in order to be trained under the core program.

Each company must accrue four hours per QLP (Qualified Logging Professionals) training each year as well. CE programs are offered by the MSU Extension SFE program, the Michigan Forest Products Council, and other agencies and organizations with an interest and expertise in aspects of forest management.

To register for a class, please contact MFPC at 517-853-8880.

Upcoming Trainings

SID Title Location Date Type Credits
1568 Cruising, Invasives and Update Iron Mountain, MI 2020-03-18 CE 4hrs
1569 Cruising, Invasives, Update Escanaba, MI 2020-03-19 CE 4hrs
1570 Loggers Forum Island Resort - W 399 US-2, Harris, MI 2020-03-24 CE 4hrs
1571 Loggers Forum Treetops - Gaylord, MI 2020-03-26 CE 4hrs
1572 Truck Safety, Trucking Updates Lakeside Inn 2020-04-02 CE 4hrs
1577 Logging Lowlands, Cruising and Orienteering Weyerhaeser, Grayling, MI 2020-04-02 CE 4hrs
1578 MI WI TPA Spring Meeting KI Convention Center 2020-04-09 CE 4hrs
1579 Invasives, Northern Hardwood Management VFW - 107 US Hwy 2, Wakefield 2020-04-16 CE 4hrs
1580 16th Annual Sustainable Forestry Conference Florence, WI 2020-04-23 CE 8.5hrs
1585 Truck Safety, Trucking Updates AIS 2020-05-06 CE 4hrs
1586 MDNR Cruising and Update Gulliver, MI 2020-05-06 CE 4hrs
1587 Truck Safety, Trucking Updates LMAS 2020-05-07 CE 4hrs
1588 Wetland Habitats, BMP Updates Public Library, 119 N 4th St, West Branch 2020-05-07 CE 4hrs
1589 Truck Safety, Trucking Updates Lutke Rental Hall 2020-06-17 CE 4hrs
1590 Truck Safety, Trucking Updates University Center - 80 Livingston Blvd, Gaylord, MI 49735 2020-06-18 CE 4hrs